Skivvy Nine Home

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    Skivvy 9 is the "NickName" for the 6903rd Air Force Intelligence squadron once located at Osan Air Base ROK.  This web page is dedicated to the women and men who have served as part of the 6903rd and related Korean Military units.


      Anyone who served or worked with the military at OSAN AB ROK in any capacity and in any unit, can send in their names and stories.  I will make every effort to promptly add your information to this web page.  If you have something to contribute – please feel free.


      Browse around a bit, you might find some Skivvy-9 trivia, or other facts about Korea, Intelligence agencies, codes, and other neat to know items.  I include squadron patch scans, rank insignia, military photos, and any thing else that is even related to the 6903rd or Osan AB (Military).

Enjoy Some History (And maybe contribute something)

Al Mundy, Maj, USAF, (Ret)